Liberty Trip to Virginia Beach

Liberty Trip to Virginia Beach

Unleash your adventurous spirit and embrace the allure of Virginia Beach. Let's create stories that will linger long after the waves have receded. Mark Your Calendar for September 30 and register by September 28th at Community Recreation to secure your spot! Exclusive to E1-E6 single/unaccompanied sailors!

  • DATE: September 30
  • COST: $20 per person*
  • REGISTRATION: Sign up at Community Recreation by September 28

Escape the ordinary and dive into an extraordinary adventure! Calling all E1-E6 Single/Unaccompanied Sailors – it's time to seize the sun-soaked shores of Virginia Beach.

HIGHLIGHTS: Embark on an odyssey to the 49th Annual Neptune Festival, a coastal spectacle that will leave you in awe. Here's a glimpse of what awaits:

  • NEPTUNE FESTIVAL Let the rhythm of the waves and the beats of the music intertwine in harmony. Seaside Wine Tastings: Sip sophistication by the sea as you indulge in exquisite coastal wines. Giant Sand Sculptures: Behold masterpieces carved from grains of sand, a true testament to human creativity. 30-Block Long Beach Celebration: Join the vibrant fiesta stretching along the beach, a tapestry of colors and energy.
  • THINGS TO DO: Virginia Beach unveils a treasure trove of experiences for you to relish: 
    • Fishing & Boat Charters: Cast your hopes onto the waves, and let the ocean reveal its bounty.
    • Kayak & SUP Rentals: Glide on the water's surface, a conqueror of the gentle tides.
    • Jet Skiing & Parasailing: Feel the wind dance on your skin as you conquer the waves with exhilaration.
    • Indoor Skydiving: Defy gravity in a thrilling dance with the wind, a tango of courage.
    • Waterside Dining: Savor the taste of the ocean on your plate, a feast for all senses.
    • Coastal Boutiques: Unearth treasures in the quaint shops that line the boardwalk, each item a memory in the making.
    • Wineries & Breweries: Raise a glass to the coastal life, where every sip carries the essence of the sea.
    • Whale Watching: Witness giants of the deep breach the surface, a sight that humbles the soul.

*Pricing includes transportation only. Additional activities or expenses are at the registrant's discretion.

REGISTER at Community Recreation by September 28.  For inquiries, contact Community Recreation (building 106) at (540) 653-8785.