Teen Program

Teen Programs are recreational programs that provide quality “out-of-school” activities for pre-teens and teens. The programs provide important social/emotional growth opportunities that focus on character development, leadership skills, communication and self-esteem.

The mission of the Navy's Youth Sponsorship program is to alleviate educational disruptions by empowering all youngsters through a stream of continuous support. The program provides stability, academic learning, a connection between school and peers, and support to produce competent citizens. It identifies and reaches out to incoming/outgoing youth to help them adjust to their new surroundings.

The Youth Sponsorship program is available to children of active-duty service members, active reservists, Department of Defense employees and DoD contractors. The sponsor must provide proof of eligibility and employment.


For our elementary, preteen, and teen community, the Youth Sponsorship Program adds in an element of social support. We strive to make contact with youth before they move, so when they arrive, we can immediately connect them with peers who are already participating in the installation, school, or community programs. Connect through your School Liaison Officer for School-Based Programs and your Youth Program for installation programs. CLICK HERE to request a Youth Sponsor.


Teen Program Registration
Complete each of the forms below and return to the Youth Center for processing.